Photographer Bio

ot..ddInspired by my Father, [Ben Sheram (1908-2007)], I shot my first photograph at the age of 8, and the last one about an hour ago.
otddBackroads travel and photography fill in a lot of space between my work and sleep. I’m just a simple photographer with a Jeep, a GPS, a great deal of desire, and a little bit of experience gained by shooting a lot of bad photographs.
otddI’ve used a Brownie, my Dad’s Kodak Pony, a shirt pocket half-frame Olympus in Viet Nam, a Yashika 35GT view finder, a Minolta X-700, a Bronica ETRSi, a Nikon N90S, a Nikon P3, a Nikon D70, a Nikon D200 and a home made wooden pinhole camera. I get the most satisfaction out of the pinhole.

Remember, the best picture is the next one and, it’s not the camera. If you can't make a decent photo with a disposable camera you can't make one with a $5000 camera.